Service Rates

Private Lessons:  $75/session. This will include pecking order and obedience work prior to training on stock.  We will discuss theory and determine goals.  Both sheep and cattle can be available.  All levels welcome. There is no time limit on your session.

Group Lessons:  $150/day/person.  “Mini” clinics will be used to discuss theory, pecking order, goal setting, and working stock.  Depending on the dog’s mental and physical capacity there will be a minimum of 2 sessions per day; a minimum of 4 people required.  One or two day mini clinics are possible.  Both sheep and cattle can be available.  All levels welcome. 

Month-to-Month:  $1,000/month. Dogs will go through all the basic fundamentals required for working stock with progression made according to the dog’s mental and physical capacity.  It is recommended but not required that the dog will come for a minimum of 2 months as it takes approximately 3-4 weeks to change a developed habit.  Both sheep and cattle can be available.  All levels welcome. 

*** Important Information ***

Dry work including pecking order and obedience will be completed before the dog is taken to stock.  It will be up to the discretion of the trainer to determine when the dog will be ready to be started on stock.  Sheep will be worked by all dogs prior to working cattle.  Basic skills such as the circle exercise will be used to encourage working the flight zone.  Training will continue on to outruns.  Mechanical training such as side commands and driving will be started once their natural instincts have been developed.  It is important to remember that progression is made according to the mental and physical capacity of the dog.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions!  We are always open to customizing our services to meet our client’s individual needs!  If I feel I will be unable to produce the results you are looking for I will be happy to point you in the right direction of another suitable trainer!   I look forward to hearing from you!