Here is what people have to say about GS Ranch!

"I had the pleasure of hosting a Stock Dog Clinic at our arena with Sarah Martin and her dogs Billy and Will as clinicians (Billy and Will deserve recognition as well, they are amazing to watch!). It was such an eye opening experience to see the skills Sarah and her dogs presented. To then have the opportunity to have Sarah share with us the process she has developed to build the extreme level of trust, understanding and communication she has with her animals was incredibly worthwhile. Over the course of the weekend I watched my dogs confidence grow and their understanding of what I was asking them become clear. The knowledge I came out of the weekend with has put me on a path with my pups of discipline during our day to day routine, creating less chaos and more enjoyment.

Having worked as a horse trainer and coach for many years, the skill and dedication I see in Sarah’s ability to control her dogs every move yet still have their full respect and commitment is admirable. I look forward to the day I have this same connection and skill set with my dogs that I witnessed Sarah have with hers.  I highly recommend Sarah as a clinician, trainer and mentor of Stock Dogs and their owners. Her strategies are simple and her ability to present her position, recommendations and reasons is straight forward. Her ability to demonstrate her technique and then see the results is powerful! I look forward to working with her to further my knowledge and my dogs skills for years to come." - Erin Carnigie - CS Performance Horses and Australian Shepherds - 2017

"Sarah and I became friends a couple of years ago while putting on an ASCA stockdog trial. At the time I admired her bitch Mya’s working ability, and both Sarah and Mya’s work ethic. In the summer of 2012 we attended the Cow Country Classic stockdog trial in Montana. It was brutally HOT, and by then it was clear that Mya was in whelp. The heat didn’t bother Mya at all, she worked well throughout the trial, strongly displaying that work ethic that I admired, and together they won the Non-WTCH buckle. It was only their second trialing weekend!

At the time I was looking for another pup to help with the cattle work on my ranch, and had my name on a list on a future litter out of a bitch in California. Since I knew Mya could handle cattle well, and had a tremendously strong work ethic, and the male she was bred to was also a good cattle dog, and from similar lines to what I was looking at in California, I decided to add my name to Sarah’s puppy list, and bowed out of the California litter. So far I have never regretted my decision! I am thrilled with my GS Ranch pup, and from all indications he will be a good, strong and dependable yet biddable cattle dog!" - Joan Holmes at Holmestead Ranch of Big Valley, Alberta - 2013

"My experience with GS Ranch has been nothing but fantastic from the start. I met Sarah and "Mya" at the Cow Country Classic in MT, where "Mya" merited in all classes of stock with very impressive runs. I had been tentatively looking for a puppy and after seeing Mya's performance that weekend, I later joined the puppy list. Sarah was great about staying in touch and helping me to select a puppy over the phone, since I live in Utah. She was also great at making sure I had everything that I needed to transport my puppy home on the plane. After having my pup for about 4 months now, I can say that I don't think I could have found a better match. She has been everything I hoped for and I believe she will continue to impress." - Stef Player of Utah - 2013.